Investor Seminar: Inside the Mind Live


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If you’re looking for the registration page it’s here: Register for Inside the Mind: Live

Find out more about the event here.


Just a quick reminder for those attending the seminar on 25th that it kicks off from 17:30, for drinks and nibbles with a 6pm start.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.


I can’t come to London to be there in person. Can you remind me how I can see it online please @whichinvest ?


Sure no problem @jonno

You can view the event live without registering, tomorrow evening here:

You will be able to ask question via the page too or via Twitter (if you use it) by quoting the hashtag #ITMLive in your Tweet. It will be monitored by Henderson staff using their @HGiTrusts Twitter account.


I’m really looking forward to it, it looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Can I just confirm is the food after the discussion or before @whichinvest ?


Both @smithy101

Mainly after but there will be some food served at the beginning to stop peoples tummies rumbling.


Remember the formal part of the evening begins at 6pm.


Sorry one other question, will the managers be hanging around to talk and drink after and will the people from Whcihinvestmenttrust and Henderson be there to chew the cud too or are you pushing off?


The managers will be hanging around to chat to people at the end, as will Henderson and staff too.

We may have one or two journalists too including Gavin Lumsden from Citywire.


I am looking forward to tomorrow night but just one thing, I am coming with my sister but we’re gonna arrive around 6pm.

Hope that’s ok, we’ll come in really quietly if it’s already started.



I’ll be watching it all from my PC. I am a big fan of Neil Hermon’s Henderson Smaller Companies, a great fund.

I’m interested in Lowland and Henderson Opportunities as well.

City of London is a bit too safe for me but it will be interesting to hear what the manager has to say too.


I wonder if there will be a video released of the seminar? I had to take a phone call when James Henderson was speaking and missed what he had to say. I was rather looking forward to him speaking.


I think a lot of people would find it more convenient to watch the presentations in their own time. I would like to see it but it was broadcasting when I was travelling home from work and then preparing supper.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be alone in being busy at that time of day, therefore, making the video available for people to consume at leisure would be a great idea.


@Harry @ronmac The event was recorded by and will be made available once edited and approved by Henderson.

We’ll announce them when they are ready to view.


Lets hope they don’t edit all the fun out of it. Be nice if they left it intact, warts and all but I bet ya those compliance dudes wanna rip it to shreds!


Henderson Smaller Companies is the presentation I want to see, it’s been a very strong performer.

Also, although it has a low overall divi at 2.2.3% its been increasing it at a compounded 26.3% each year for the past five years which is very impressive.


Yes I am in agreement with you there @mammon, great little fund. It’s more of a midcap fund though so you could also hold another smaller companies fund such as Aberforth or Miton Micro and be confident that you were owning different underlying stocks.

I’d like to see the videos go up soon before they get to old. Hope they don’t take too long about it.