Investor IPO Alert - Sniper China: an opportunity to invest in Chinese property with a proven manager


Sniper Capital who previously launched the successful Macau Property Opportunities fund is shortly launching a Chinese property logistics trust, I met
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When I fist saw and started reading this article I was thinking this is ridiculous launching a trust to invest in Chinese Property.

But…it does sound like they’re on to something.

I knew about Macau property, but I missed the boat on that one (mainly because I thought it was ridiculous). I’m not going to miss the boat this time!


I think this sounds like an opportunity you need to take now before everyone else cottons on and does the same thing.

How do I go about registering for this? I’m not clear on that, I’ve never bought in an IPO before.


You need to use a stockbroker for that @SarahB

You can’t do it on some platforms like Alliance Trust Savings, but Hargreaves and Charles Stanley should be ok.

I think this sounds like a good investment for income investors chasing that 6%.

I agree that now seems like the right time to be doing this. Competition for property will only heat up.

Good find WhichInvestment guys


I had to read it twice where it stated rents go up every year y 5%. That is incredible.

I am very interested in this. Good find indeed guys!

@SarahB as others have said you just need a stockbroking account. If you don’t have one Selftrade and quick and cheap to use.


I have seen some research somewhere on directors investing in their own businesses and what that meant for the eventual success of those businesses. It didn’t show a clear link, though it did show that a more useful que was when directors sold shares in their companies, because then they under performed.

Nonetheless, the fact the that the management have invested so much themselves give me more confidence to invest too.

I think this is a very interesting opportunity that I’m likely to invest in.