Investor Clinic: I'm 50/Married/Kids no pension - Help!


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After a rung of back luck ended in near bankruptcy, Matthew is back on the road to recovery, and is looking to get his financial house in order with your help. Name: Matthew Your Portfolio: Cash Age range: I’m 50 How long can you keep this money invested for? Until retirement, probably 65-70. Dow you…


It might be worthwhile getting some general financial planning advice - especially with regard to annual limits on pension contributions. I would doubt you could invest £100k in one tax year. Given your risk appetite it might make more sense to use the majority of the lump sum to reduce your mortgage, and then increase your monthly savings into a pension. Generally the stock market is high at the moment, so lump sum investment might not be a good idea.

If you did go down the monthly pension route I would split contributions into funds like
Finsbury Income & Growth (FGT) - UK Equity Income
F&C Global Smaller Companies (FCS) - Global
Scottish Mortgage (SMT) - Global
Harbourvest Global Private Equity (HVPE) - Private Equity (Much higher risk so invest a smaller %, but a major benefit of trusts is their ability to invest in longer term higher reward areas like Private Equity)


I agree with @scjim financial advice from an IFA is a good idea when it comes to pensions.

Having said that, the most you can put in to a pension in any one year is £50k, so you couldn’t put your lump sums and regular contributions in to it in the same year. If you split it between yourself and you wife though you might be able to manage it over two years.

Don’t forget ISA’s are way more generous now, you could consider them to be part of retirement planning too.