Investment trusts with Exposure to Greece


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With Greece poised vote on its future in Europe this Weekend, investors may be surprised to learn that a small number of investment trusts continue to have investments in the troubled country. The most significant investor is Dolphin Capital Investors, a property trust with over a third of its assets in Greece. Unsurprisingly, it has…


I’ve never heard of Dolphin Capital but it looks like a cheeky little flutter. There’s very little info on it and it doesn’t appear to be a member of the AIC.

Think I’ll have to dig around a little bitty with this one…


I see what you mean @citygirl, Dolphin own and operate holiday centre’s in sunny climes. No matter what happens to Greece they’ve still got their sun and folk are still going to want to go there. This looks like a wee bit of a bargain.

Let me know if you find anything nasty or good.