Investment Trusts outperform in 2014


The sector returned 7.5% in 2014 beating the wider market return of 1.2% but the year was all about income products as investors continue to search fo
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Good article about it all being about income. Interestingly there are still plenty of high income opportunities that are missed as not from sectors called ‘income’. For example in private equity you can buy Princess Private Equity that has stated they will payout 6% of NAV each year and with it trading on a discount of more then 18% means a yield of 7.8% pa. So as always look around at all opportunities in the market and not just follow the sector titles.


yes I agree @pnewman3gmail-com some of the best value to be found is in private equity trusts on big discounts though there is also value in growth orientated trusts. Like you say, if it isn’t described as ‘income’ it kind of gets left behind.

I’m looking at putting some more in to Japan and Europe. looking at the Baillie Gifford Japan duo, Schroders, JPMorgan and the newer Aberdeen japan trust.

Not sure which of these will get my money yet but it’s going in to one of them.