Investment Trusts get have own show on Share Radio


Share Radio, the digital radio station which launched toward the end of last year, broadcasts a regular weekly investment trust show on Wednesday’s at
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Very good I enjoyed that though it was more about investment trusts than ETFs. I’m not a massive fan of ETFs anyway and it’s true what Dice McCairn said about investment trusts performing much better than unit trusts over multiple time frames, I saw that in the FT.

I listened to the show on the radio player at the bottom right of the following page. You have to scroll down in the payer until you see ‘The Investment Trust Show’ in case anyone else wants to listen.


Never listened to this station though I think I remember it launching.

All the investment trust shows are available as a podcast which suits me best because I’m more likely to listen to something like this when I’m travelling or maybe making dinner later today (Sunday), or walking the dog.

This broadcast on ETF’s versus Trusts was very interesting if maybe a wee bit biased in favour of trusts, especially from the Henderson guy but I thought Dice Mccairn and Ed (something?) made some really good points.

I’ll certainly listen again.


They need to do a little bit more work promoting themselves, I’d never hear of them until I read this.

It is the type of thing I would be interested in, I prefer factual radio to music. This show was interesting, I agree that it was a bit unfair to ETFs but having said that I didn’t disagree with what was said especially by Ed Bowsher and Dice Mccarin