Investment Trust University: Part 3 - How to buy and sell investment trusts


This is part three of a six part course on investment trusts that’s been written and produced by Sarah Godfrey from Edison Investment Research. It’s d
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I find the penultimate paragraph to be quite confusing, which is probably down to the wording The first sentence mentions selling a holding, whereas the rest of the paragraph would make more sense if sell was replaced with transfer.

Also, the final sentence would make sense if it was discussing the CGT implications of having to cash in a non-ISA holding and re-investing elsewhere - although selling a non-ISA holding and re-investing in a new holding with the same provider also has CGT inmplications.


Note that SDRT is payable on UK companies (i.e. investment trusts) or foreign companies with a share register in the UK, but not on foreign companies where the share register is not in the UK (i.e. most, if not all investment companies incorporated in the Channel Islands).


I wasn’t aware that stamp duty isn’t charged on Channel islands listed ITs/Companies @arkwelder.

I agree that transfer would make sense than sell, though overall it’s a pretty detailed and useful description of investment trusts, even for someone who has been investing in them for some time.


Thanks @arkwelder I’ll pass your beady eye feedback on to the author.

Many thanks, Rob