Investment Trust Top 20 sees a surprise or two


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If the chart is an indication of what investors are buying, it shows an eclectic mix of historic old stalwarts with a smattering of brash new arrivals, with one or two unexpected surprises. The chart is of course comprised of data recording searches on the AIC (Association of Investment Companies) website for the month of…


Very funny, I liked how you got the Smitten thing from SMT @dicem.

It is very interesting to see what other investors are after. I wonder why so many were searching for the Blackrock mining trust, don’t get that one, but most of the others make sense.


Yes I think this is interesting to see too but I think you should do it more often, like every week, or month or so @whichinvest


Independent Investment Trust has always intrigued me. If you look at their website or annual report they read like the most basic efforts anywhere in terms of their design but it is really good performance, though it is volatile at times as the article states, but that’s more because of its growth focus i believe, which is bound to go out of favour at some point or other.


Yes I agree, they should do it every week, or two weeks or monthly at worst. They used to do it a lot on here but they they stopped it.