Investment Trust Top 20: Hold steady as we market turbulence


@David_M, it’s been a while since I’ve been called young! I agree about the data that is there, but that data is very limited. Just wish the other 10% would join up. Some site costs but I’m not sure if that is the same of all of them. Some just want to remain the best kept secret!


Hello. I am writing a number of pieces of investment trusts and have found this site really useful. I’m looking to talk to a couple of investment trust investors - you can remain anonymous - on why they buy trusts, and which particularly ones they hold. It’s for a couple of new articles for If anyone is happy to answer a couple of very quick questions (by email) do let me know and can send my email. Sorry if this feels a bit butting in on a conversation. I’ve tried contacting a few stockbrokers / and investment trust companies but they are not the best at putting people in touch with real investors. Thanks. Emma Simon


By all means.


I would happy to help but i don’t want to post my email address. I think you can message me privately.


Thanks very much will send an email


Thanks very much - will attempt to send a direct message - if that fails feel free to drop me a line on Many thanks. Emma


Predictably I can’t see how to send a message. I can see the message inbox (where I have a message from the site) but not how to send a new one! Sorry. Feel free to drop me a message though, or email on Many thanks. Emma


It’s not a great idea to share your email address here @Emma_Simon unless you are okay with spammers grabbing it.

You can message users individually. if you have any issues doing this contact the @whichinvest Admin account and one of us will come back to you.

If you right click on someone’s name and open in a new tab you will see an option to message them.


It’s not a great idea to post your email here @mickbeaman. Unfortunately Russian/Chinese spammers comb our whole website daily. We employ very strong security but it can’t prevent them reading posts.

It’s possible to privately message any user of these forums by opening their profile and clicking on the message icon.


I don’t helping if you are still looking for volunteers @Emma_Simon .


That’s great - it’s a regular weekly column so that would be excellent. I’ll try to direct message you - and thanks v much. Emma


Would have been better to create a post specifically to find volunteers @Emma_Simon.


Thanks - this sounds like a daft questions but how do you right click on a mac (or phone)? I’ve tried clicking on the name to see if link to messages comes up - and have also gone in message inbox to see if icon for send new message, but neither seems to work.




You can do it without right clicking. Just click on someone’s name and you are presented with the option to message them.


I’ve done it before and not had any great problem. Gmail seems pretty good at blocking stuff. In contrast the contact box on my own website is heavily spammed!!


Yeah Gmail is pretty good, much better than yahoo or Hotmail.


It is a rather strange list in some ways and makes me wonder if people don’t worry as much as they perhaps should over discounts & fees. Maybe a good contra-cyclical play would be to simply avoid anything on the list…


Oh you’re back to the Top 20 @mickbeaman …I have always thought it is a mirror image of fears or optimism in the stock market. I think the commentary that accompanies it is mostly about right. Investors are herd like too often and this is perhaps an example of that.


Thanks - I didn’t want to be too presumptuous. But if people really don’t mind might do that at some point.


Thanks Luke - that’s really appreciated. Would be very helpful. Do you want to message me and then I can reply. (For some reason can reply but can’t seem to start a new msg).