Investment Trust Top 20: Caution to the fore as we hit a spot of turbulence


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The Top 20 most viewed investment trusts, reflects investors hopes, fears and anxieties, and tells us something about what is going on in investors minds. The Investment Trust Top 20 for February included a period of stock market turbulence, which saw investors take cover in some of the big beasties of the sector, largely with…


Interesting that despite the title of this article “Caution to the fore…” most of the trusts mentioned aren’t particularly defensive - certainly not the likes of Scottish Mortgage.

RIT Capital Partners is more concerned with capital preservation, and it has a good record, but its always seemed a bit too “clever” for me - I prefer trusts whose methods are more transparent.

We’re a long way into this bull market and perhaps its time to think about avoiding losses rather than trying for that last bit of profit. The likes of Personal Assets or Ruffer may soon have their day.