Investment Trust Top 20: Allianz Technology’s outperformance gains recognition


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The Investment Trust Top 20 most viewed investment trusts, reflects investors’ hopes and fears and reveals something about what is going on in investors’ minds. Allianz Technology Trust (LON:ATT) is a surprise number one in the Investment Trust Top 20, but the £431 million of assets trust has been on a bit of a roll…


Allianz Technology has been a great performer (thanks for Which investment Trust for originally alerting me to it. I own both ATT and Scottish mortgage for tech exposure, though they both deliver it in a different enough way to be largely complementary.

I think the tech sector has a long way to go yet.


Allianz Technology has done well. I have missed the boat with this one, I’m wondering if I’m too late with the market being as expensive as it is now.