Investment Trust sector in rude health


Leading sector broker Winterflood Securities in their monthly review have highlighted what a good year 2013 is proving to be for investment trust new
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Most of these I’ve never heard of and never invested in but one thing that struck me when I read through the list is how unusual they all seem. Most seem to be made up of specialist types of investments that I’m not sure I would have the confidence to invest in because I don thave enough knowledge.


Many of them appear to be launches that could only have appeared in a closed ended structure because they’re essentially too iliquid to be a unit trust or OEIC.

That’s one of the appeals of investment trusts!


I’d like to see more mainstream trusts launching because they are certainly the best fund type for small investors.

There are exceptions though, Fundsmith comes to mind but on average trusts are better.


Well that is partly down to us investors no?

I mean if so many C Share issues aren’t getting of the ground then what more can the managers do?