Investment Trust Savings Schemes are cheap and especially suited to regular savers


Would you like to invest in the stock market but either you think there is a big correction just around the corner or you simply don’t have a lump sum
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I view investment trust saving schemes as being a little bit old fashioned. It’s just a pain on the bum when you want to move your money in to another fund.

I prefer just to put my money on a platform and have as much choice of trusts, funds or shares as I like.


Yes there is the disadvantage of not being able to move between trusts so easily @Steve but they also come with a great advantage which is they are bloody low cost.

When you consider the amount of excess return that is eaten up in fees one place or another then these savings plans stack up very well.

Also, there is advantage in not switching between funds so often and it is this, investors are mostly awful at attempting to time the market. The long term track record if Scottish Investment Trust that is mentioned here is really rather good, especially for a lower risk investor.

I think these schemes are a bloody good idea that people should be using more often.


I am new to investment trusts and I’d no idea investment trust savings plans existed. If fact I’d no idea investment trusts existed until recently.

I am going for a plan with Alliance Trust Savings and investing in mostly investment trusts but some unit trusts as well that have been recommended to me by readers of this website.