Investment Company of the year awards see Henderson and Baillie Gifford triumph


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Henderson were crowned the group of the year, with two of their trusts winning individual categories, and Baillie Gifford scooped three awards at a ceremony in London, in an evening that recognised the best performing trusts across a wide range of categories. Investment Company of the Year Awards 2015 GROUP OF THE YEAR Henderson Global…


Henderson have been smashing it, wonder why they’re doing better than the others.

I have a Baillie Gifford Japan fund and it’s done pretty well, I didn’t know they did investment trust versions too, though I’ve not been investing in trusts that long.

Looking down the list there’s a lot I’m unfamiliar with like Seneca, the EIS/VCT winners (WTF are they all about), Small Companies Dividend (never heard of it).


I haven’t heard of a few of them either including the one’s you mentioned @ciaran but others too.

One I would like to know more about is the Schroder property fund that won its category, I don’t know anything about it and I am looking for a little bit of property.

There’s not enough of us girls managing funds so it is a share to see Rosemary Baynard retiring, or is she she jsut changing jobs? She doesn’t look anywhere near retirement age yet.

I think Henderson group deserve their award, when you look through the list of their funds I’ve heard of almost all them and some of them I think are really good.

I wonder if the little web pages thing they have on here is why the judges awarded them the prize, they said summit about communications, or maybe they have those little web pages on a lot of website. They are a lot more useful if anything that boring adverts.