Invest, sit back and let it grow – Scottish Investment Trust


Scottish Investment Trust (LON:SCIN) has a wonderful record of 29 years of increasing dividends by an average of 7% per year. Compounded and reinvest
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I take an interest in investment trusts but some reason this one has always passed me bye.
The chart showing the dividend compared to RPI is just bloody brilliant isn’t it? I mean that’s what you want.

Not being so young now (or so old) and with the pathetic interest Barclays offers me, something like this sounds great.

As long as they can keep on doing it mind!


I knew about it Derek but always thought of it as being a big and boring investment trust and that there are many out there that are better.


Mark, it can be as boring as it likes if it gives me 7% per year mate.

To me that 'aint boring, that is rocket fuel.


No I know, fair enough.

I think there’s definitely a place for Scottish Investment Trust and to be honest you are right it is better at what it does than I thought.

The chart with the risk compared to the market is pretty good too.

7% compounded knocks my socks off too and I’m maybe a little younger than you Derek (maybe a lot).


I’d never heard of this either. If it is so good how come we I’ve never heard of Scottish investment trust?

My main pension is with Scottish Widows and they either don’t know or don’t approve of this either? I have the brochure in front of me, no mention of Scottish trust.