Interesting insight in to how Scottish Mortgage managers invest



Just listened to Tom Slater, the joint manager alongside the more famous James Anderson talk about the investment case for Tesla, a company SMT invested in to early but has left me scratching my head to figure out where the profits are going to come from.

He makes an interesting case for Tesla, not an overwhelming one, for me, and goes in to more detail than I’ve been aware of about the origins of Elon Musk and Tesla and their long term aims - which are HUGE in their ambition!


I think everyone is interested in what the Scottish Mortgage managers do to manage the trust differently and produce the results they’ve delivered. The video does provide a bit of an insight as does the feature linked below which goes in to what they do, investing in high growth companies and no dividend focus but also the large percentage of the trust invested in unquoted stocks, which really does set them out from peers including the Allianz Technology trust.


I reckon traditional car companies like Volvo, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover are gonna come up and steal Tesla’s thunder, before they get the opportunity to become profitable. If Scottish Mortgage owns unlisted shares in Tesla they could see their investment grow to zero.

Hope I’m wrong but too many other car manufacturers are rushing to bring out electric cars. Even London Taxi’s have gone electric, all new taxi’s from January have to be either electric or hybrid.


There’s not been any traffic here on What IT, on the recent tech downturn, since the cut in US corp. tax sent the top ten “tech” stocks into a spin. I for one was very worried for a couple of days. As I still delayed on further investment, and saw that my top performers had gone over the +£100 per £1000 invested 6 months ago. “Why didn’t I invest more back in June?” Then a few days not looking at my portfolio. Friday looked bad. Over the weekend they had dribbled down to +£40 each - give or take. Was this the start of a NASDAC downturn ? “I can still break even if I sell now.” Then they turned around.
Now I can reflect on why I delayed on my tech stocks back in 2001, until I was too late.
So I’ll just have to be reassured by those who have held ITs and Funds for years & years through the ups and downs.