Independent Investment Trust


This trust has performed exceptionally well this year. When other trusts struggle to increase their price by 15% - 25%, this one has made 70%. It does not appear to have taken a large and lucky punt on a few exceptional investments, but has bought into some companies that have seen share price rises this year. Which is good news, but not enough to increase its value by so much. Is it becoming a popular Trust, as more and more people see the comparison charts, or have there been some really big investments in this Trust this year.? It is rare to see a price move like this in a company of this size.


Independent is a great trust @Kuhncha. I was told by a broker that it was set up by staff from Baillie Gifford and maybe one or two other Edinburgh fund managers who had retired and invested there own money. Apparently they won’t promote it in any way or talk to the media. It is volatile but terrific long term performance.