Independence Day: Which all American investment trusts are right for you?


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With Americans waking up with a hangover from their Independence Day celebrations, and with a rebounding economy producing growth in jobs and salaries, as it benefits from cheap shale oil, the US is once again a strong driver of world economic growth. We thought it an opportune time to look at the investment opportunities to…


Never heard of this Gabelli one but it looks interesting if maybe a little bit risky because it’s got no performance history.

The JP Morgan Smaller Companies and the Jupiter Smaller companies both look good too but I’m leaning toward the JP Morgan trust if only because the long term returns have historically been better.

Does anyone else invest in any of these or have any views on them?


I hold JPMorgan American which is probably the best fund or trust for investing in America. Although it hasn’t beaten the S&P over 5 years, it’s come pretty close and its longer term figures are a lot stronger.

The Gabelli trust is unproven and not something I would look at yet. Yes they have done well with their original fund when measured from 1977 but that’s longer than most people’s investment time horizon and they’ve had poor periods between then and now.

The JP Morgan US Smaller Companies trust is certainly something I would consider though. I wasn’t aware it had done so well. I think this is where I will spend a few pennies.


I’m an income investor so the only ones that interest me are NAIT and BRNA. I have a lot in the first and a little in the second, which I bought mainly for a bit of diversification. Performance of both over the past year has been poor in capital terms. Both have decent yields of c. 3.5% or above at present and are on generous discounts. I prefer NAIT as it is bigger and cheaper, as the article indicates.