Ignorance is destroying ordinary investors pension pots


If you either don’t have or understand pensions then you’re not only missing out but you might be ensuring a miserable poverty stricken end to your li
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I have an old pension from a job when I was like 18, I’m now early 30’s, I just have an ISA, as does my wife.

To be honest I never knew you got such a good deal with pensions, no one ever explained it to me before.

They have one at work that I don’t use (I think it with Scottish Widows), but like you say, I’m losing out in salary by not taking it.

This article should be shown to kids in schools because you’ve explained it simply and in a way no one else has done.


I’ve always believed pensions are brilliant but you’ve a job convincing the young ones these days.

My son has one after much cajoling by me.

I agree with you @Amir this article should be given to kids so they can get it drummed in to them from a young age.


I know the time value of money very well. My Grandparents put £4k in a Baillie Gifford investment trust plan when I was a kid and I got £20k when I was 18.

I have a pension but none of my friends my age do. I think the way you’ve put this it is much easier to understand the concept of pensions. I’ll will show this to them but agree with @Amir, kids should be shown this article in schools.