IFA’s are heavily investing in investment trusts on ATS platform


Data from Alliance Trust Savings platform reveals financial advisers have finally started to take the sector seriously and are allocating almost thirt
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Well hallelujah for IFA’s. At last at least some are putting their clients money where they’ll get the best return.

Still you could always save the advice fee and do it yourself as I do.


I do both @malcolm, I like to choose my funds myself but I get my IFA to deal will all my tax and long term planning issues which I fund a little bit too complicated.

I don’t think managing all your own financial affairs is as easy as some people suggest, especially if you have a busy job and home life. There’s only so many hours in a day. Besides, I think my IFA is good value, I would need to spend weeks learning all he knows about the tax system and understanding insurance policies, inheritance tax planning and putting assets in trust.


I don’t have an IFA anymore. My IFA are you guys on here and I definitely owe you a cup of coffee.