I can't apply for tickets for the event?


I get a message stating I need an invite. Isn’t my email an invite?


Yes I got the same message. Do we need to do something else to get an invite?

I’d like to go along, it sounds interesting and I have a particular interest in investment trusts.


@neilwinn @ronmac Would you try again and see if you can register.

There was an issue with Eventbrite not recognising invitees but we’ve resolved that now.


Great thanks. I’m in now and able to register.

Thanks very much @whichinvest :sunny: -)


I’d the same problem but I’ve just been able to register too.

Look forward to meeting some of you guys in person :slight_smile:


How do I get tickets for this? I just saw it posted somewhere else.

I hold quite a few investment trusts and am interested in investing in some more.



On the ticket it states to email enquiries@whichinvestmenttrust.com for tickets for friends and families.

Didn’t you receive an invitation by email @AlanT? I assumed it was going to all members.


I only registered a couple of minutes ago. I saw someone talking about it on Motley Fool’s boards.

They attract a lot of investment trust investors, you should have a look @paulo www.fool.co.uk click on Boards then investment trusts

(I like the Twitter like naming thing. That’s neat).


It looks really good but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it :frowning:

Hope they put on event again some time in the future.


I’ve got a ticket so I guess the problem has been sorted.

It looks exciting, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve never been to an event like this before. Who else is going - @citygirl @mumknowsbest @arkwelder @rogerdecrecy @casper @jonno ?


Awe thanks duck for thinking of me but I don’t live in London so it’s a little bit too far away for me to get to.

I wonder if they’ll be video recording it on the internet? When I saw the invite I wondered that because I’d watch that.


I think I might be away. Arranged a break with some girlfirends around that time. We’ve not booked yet but it’s almost certain to include the evening of the seminar.

t’s a crying shame :frowning:


I’m coming. I’m a long way from London town too @mumknowsbest but it seems like a great opportunity one to listen to some interesting presentations and two to meet some of the great guys on here

Hope you change your mind or firm a way down south. :slight_smile: .


I’ve just registered. I have been looking at Bankers investment trust recently so I’ll be interested in hearing Alex Crooke.

Interesting on what he had to say about China in the video below given what has happened the past few days…


I’m coming @galestone, be sure to say a big hello to me :slight_smile: