Humanitarian crisis yes but should you as an ordinary investor be worried about Greece?


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The unfolding crisis in Greece is uncertainly a humanitarian disaster but possibly a less significant market event. Tom Stevenson considers how worried ordinary investors should be. Whatever your position on how Greece has arrived in its current dire situation, no-one should forget the human consequences of its ongoing economic catastrophe. At the individual level there…


When we look back at this financial crisis we’ll be bewildered by the amount of time, effort, money thrown at this piddly little country. @tom_stevenson is right when he says that Greece is a minuscule part of the European economy, I also read that most of its trade is internal too.

if it is such a small part of the Euro economy and the market goes down a fair bit in reaction to this crisis then surely this is a buying opportunity to pick up shares or investment trusts on the cheap.


The tragedy of Greece is all of their own making. What I find shocking is how critical they are of the Germans who are propping them up, almost blaming them for lending the reckless Greeks money in the first place.

On a human level however I hope Greece does drop out of the Euro because after 2-3 months of pain they’ll stare to see growth in tourism, sale of olives (er?) olive oil (does Greece sell anything else?).

As for me as an investor I’m with @blake and I’ll be buying my favourite investment trusts on any dips.


I’m very surprised that the stock markets in Europe and in the UK have not moved down as much as I expected. Maybe they’re being complacent no?

If Greece goes then surely the effect will be bad on Portugal, Spain with their Podemos party, like the Greek far left party.

I’m just glad I have sold many of my investments before the Greek exit.

I think the Greeks would be idiots to vote no in their referendum though I kind of think that’s how it going to go now because I have Greek friends and they are so tired of living with a collapsing economy for over five years now.


I think the Greek people are being treated horribly. Their economy is shrinking so much that austerity is just making it much worse.

It should be halted until their economy get growing again.


I didn’t try last night, only saw the article today but you can watch last night’s recording on the same link in the article, or click here.