History’s lesson on how elections affect the stock market


Originally published at: https://whichinvestmenttrust.com/historys-lesson-on-how-elections-affect-the-stock-market/

New research in to past elections has come up with some interesting predictions on how the current UK election might affect stock market investors. Clear-cut general election campaigns tend to have a positive effect on the stock market, history suggests. Analysis by Schroders looking at the final six weeks of the last seven general elections,…


If Labour won a lot more seats than everyone expects, that might startle markets. I think is possible because of complacency. Every opinion poll is showing the Tories way ahead, even in Scotland they’re doing well. I think some folk might not go out and vote because they see it as a foregone conclusion.

Personally I’d like to see the LibDems do well to pressure the Government and act as a better opposition than the useless Labour. I don’t buy the argument that people who voted for Brexit won’t vote LibDem, I think they seem attractive because they’re give the Government grief, and every Government needs that in parliament, otherwise we’re a dictatorship.


Yeah I agree with that @jonno. I’m voting Lib Dem too for the first time ever. I think Teresa May is trying to be too crafty here, she won’t do a debate, she called an election when she said she wouldn’t, gave the ridiculous reason that it was because of opposition in parliament, when the Commons and Lords passed everything she asked for.

She’s looking for a coronation. And I bet the manifestos she brings out will say nothing about anything in particular. She’ll just repeat vague aspirations and talk about strong leadership.