Higher or lower – the FTSE 100 reaches a new high, but where next?


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As the UK stockmarket approaches new highs, we take a look at new analysis from Schroders looking at the reasons for the gains, and considering can the bull market last, and where might it be heading from here? Fast Facts The UK stock market has reached new highs just as the currency plummets Low interest…


Whilst this is both interesting and useful, you should only buy investments based upon what you need to get out of your investments in the long run, not upon hw the stock market might perform in the next few months.

Food for thought, absolutely, but more relevant for day trader losers in my opinion than proper investors.


Not sure I agree with you there @neilwinn, I find it very useful to know that the CAPE measurement is showing that the market is maybe a little cheap, or at least good value.

Like I’m sure many investors I have a cash pile and I’m trying to figure out what the heck to do with it and that is why this is helpful for me. I feel a little bit more confident about investing now. I think I should be all invested as a default position, because I’m no where near clever enough to know when I should dip in and out of the stock market, but I want a little bit of reassurance that the stock market isn’t at an historic peak just before I invest, and it is kind of telling me that is not the situation right now in this article.