Henderson Value Trust potential for double digit returns and on a large discount


Henderson Value Trust (LON:HVTR) offers investors an opportunity to invest in a more unusual set of alternative assets, that may be difficult for them
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I’d like to invest in this but I don’t have a lot to invest. Would £800 be too little?

I have some money from my Nan to invest but I don’t think I should put too much in a riskier fund like this. I thought maybe £800 would be ok for me?


There’s no right or wrong answer to that @SarahB
As a guide I would say if you are investing a smaller amount you want be sure your costs are low.

It’s a higher risk fund that could do very well indeed (or the opposite), so if it made a lot it wouldn’t really matter that you’re investing a small amount because your profit would handsomely cover it.


There is a lot about this article I agree with. The management do indeed look like good eggs, well equipped to turn the ship around but I’m just a tiny bit worried about their large holding in Russia with all that is going on with Ukraine right now.

@SarahB Personally I would hold off investing in this trust for now.

If you must I don’t disagree with what @BarrBru said. If the returns are good you should be okay but I’d wait till we see what the Russia/Ukraine situation might be first.


I don’t agree @Citygirl this is the time to be buying Russia, when it’s bloody cheap as it is now.

I think this trust is one of the best best opportunities in the investment trust of fund word right now.

Think about it, good managers with plenty of experience, well incentivced,on a ruddy big discount.

£800 is fine @SarahB if the share price goes up loads and I think it will.


The best returns I’ve made in the past from shares/IT’s/Funds whateva has been in situations not too dissimilar from this where you have new hungry managers.

It’s no guarantee coz events outwith the managers control can conspire against them and I’ve certainly seen that.

I struggle to remember an example though where it didn’t work out fairly or very well otherwise.

Since reading this article I’ve done some of me own research and I’m impressed.

I think this s a really interesting little fund and right now is a good time to invest.

I agree Russia is a worry but it’s already cheap as chips so it doesn’t worry me with regard to this.


I’d never heard of this trust and although I’m generally not very interested in investing in the riskier stuff I like a little bit of a flutter.

I don’t think I want to invest in anything until we see the extent of Russia’s ambition in Ukraine but I think I might be sold on this once that becomes clearer.