Henderson International Income




Is this trust a bit of an overpriced slacker? In the past five years, its total return has been 68%, but the comparable FTSE index of All World ex-UK has returned 89%. Why pay Henderson 0.9% of my money each and every year, when I can get much better performance much cheaper? The HIT dividends have risen at a healthy rate of 5.1% a year for the past five years. But is that sufficiently attractive to ignore the sub-par overall return?



It’s basically an income vehicle @brentmarble3 with the added attraction of capital growth. What is offers to me is a means of accessing a high dividend in a diversified way. It’s not easy to get such a high income from a tracker and bear mind that HINT invests overseas. Also its grown fast in the past couple of years because of mergers and share issues which has seen the fees come down a bit, not enough in my view, the Board should be pressing for them to come down further.

This article from last year describes them pretty well:


If you don’t need the income @brentmarble3 don’t invest in it, because like @mammon stated that is the raison d’etre of Henderson International income. And if income is what you’re after it looks to me like it’s doing that pretty well, but if you’re looking or a total return then it is obviously failing to deliver the goods.

There are many other better options to pursue.


Overall it’s not a great fund @brentmarble3 unless you are looking for an income in which case it might come in to the mix because it actually pays quite a high dividend.

I invest in a total return basis, reinvesting my dividends so Henderson international income has no appeal to me. In fact it’s one of my least favorite form the Henderson stable.