Henderson in transformational merger of equals with U.S. group


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The leading investment trust manager is set to acquire Janus Capital in a move that will broaden the investment expertise of the combined firm and position it to expand further in the U.S. market. Henderson Global Investors is to effectively double in size via an all share merger, which is where no money changes hands,…


This seems like a clever move by Henderson because on a first look they whilst being a little smaller than Janus appear to me at least, to be coming out top.

Looking through my portfolio of investments, there appears to be rather a lot of Henderson, investment trusts in particular. They do feature predominately on this website and I wonder if it is perhaps, at least in part, a subconscious influence from seeing their presence dotted over this website, which if it is, is clever of them, I just hope I am being clever too.

I am fairly pleased with the performance of the Henderson funds I hold though.


I hadn’t heard of Janus until this merger was reported, but it seems like a good deal for Henderson, though if I was a shareholder I wouldn’t be happy about them moving to New York, what’s that all about!

I own quite a few Henderson trusts too @derekw, but like you say the performance is good, but maybe subconsciously their advertising is working, after all they wouldn’t spend money advertising for nothing.

The adverts they have on this website are actually quite useful because they include the monthly fact sheets and useful information on the funds, rather than pointless meaningless advertising slogans.

A bugbear of mine is companies trying too hard to sell me something, just give me the facts and I’ll decide for myself, thank you. Henderson at least seem to be getting that right, whereas JP Morgan etc are nowhere near for me.

Fundsmith and Woodford are the another fund managers I think get this right.


I think most ordinary mortals hadn’t heard of Janus until the Bill Gross hiring @cameronmun, but I didn’t know they did anything much other than bond funds.

I rate Henderson as a fund manager too, they’re one of the better firms but you never know, maybe this merger will result in some of the Henderson talent we like leaving.

I find financial advertising annoying in the extreme too and whilst I don’t love the Henderson adverts on here, at least they have some useful information like the PDFs and the YouTube videos which are quite useful sometimes. I’d like them to be a bit more challenging though, I’m not sure if the videos are done by the Which Investment Trust staff or Henderson, it would be nice to know.


Fund manager good performance seems to g in cycles, and right now Henderson are having their place in the sun. I remember not so long ago it was Aberdeen funds that were doing better than everyone else it seemed.

I didn’t realise the Henderson adverts on this website were adverts, I wasn’t looking closely enough. They are quite handy though because they don’t treat you as an idiot, with sheds loads of marketing waffle and w**k.

They could be improved though, maybe using independent interviewers to do the videos. I like how they link to articles on them because that’s always a ball-ache to search for.


I agree, different fund management groups do come in to fashion depending on the economic environment @bullandbear.

I wouldn’t be fooled by Henderson’s adverts, they know what they are doing. I think they’re clever though because by talking to us like adults, giving us the factual information we want, we can be lulled n to a false sense of security.

I’m sure all the other fund managers will be following them soon though and they won’t stand out as much then.

To give them their due though, they are pretty decent adverts when compared to the competition.


The Henderson adverts and the one from Scottish Mortgage are useful because they contain some of the kind of information you need, thought the Henderson one’s are better than the Scottish Mortgage one, maybe Scottish Mortgage aren’t as malleable as Henderson.

One suggestion I would make to the Which Investment Trust staff @whichinvest is I think you should feature them in more places/positions around the site. I think it took me a few weeks to find all of them and I think unlike traditional style adverts they’re not at all annoying so you need to be a bit more bold in your placing of them.

Maybe you can start a revolution. I’d love to see Money Week, Trustnet, Morningstar etc adopt similar sorts of advertising and I will suggest it to them.

I think this revolutionary style of useful advertising (isn’t it funny it’s taken a hundred years or more for adverts to be useful) will be appreciated by most of your readers if not all of them so be more bold with it


I really like Henderson because they seem fairly decent as a investment trust management firm and they have decent performance.

I think that they seem to care about ordinary punters more than some of the other management corporations, so you tend to trust them a little bit more.

What I do like about their advertisements on the Which Investment Trust magazine website is they are fairly honest, straightforward and even helpful, whereas advertisements are usually annoying or distracting with popups and all that nonsense.

I don’t have a the foggiest idea who Janus even is, or who it is better for but I hope that Janus doesn’t spoil what is good at Henderson.

I do wonder a little bit if they are a bit of an experiment on this website though because they haven’t extended them everywhere as yet and I think that they should extend them to Trustnet, Morningstar, the AIC and other places they put advertisements.