Henderson High Income - often overlooked but great long term performance


Henderson High Income has delivered consistent sector beating returns in both growing and challenging market conditions. If it’s new to you, you just
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He’s had a good financial crisis has Mr Crooke.

He is a very good fund manager, Henderson are one of the best managers out there when it comes to investment trusts I think.

If he hits his 6-8% dividend growth then it’s safe to assume the overall return will beat his 10% target again.

Like to know what his holding in the trust is coz I notice that’s blank.

Pretty tidy if you ask me.


I think they should get rid of the performance fee because then they might be able to add to the revenue reserves.

Though I’m not an income investor for ‘income’ (as it where) I do invest in income and reinvest the divies. Crooke is a good manager and the trust has a good long term record but the performance fee is why I won’t be investing.


The dividend growth here sends alarm bells with me a little bit because i looks like they’re paying out too much.

I think a cut in the div might be in the offing with this at some point.

I prefer Crooke’s other investment trust Bankers Trust.