Henderson Global has a new manager which means this quality yielder is on sale


Henderson Global Trust has a new manager, following the 32 years reign of his predecessor. Change of manager is always a time of uncertainty but are i
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He comes across as quite sensible, he is certainly saying all the right things and I like how he invests. Obviously these are his three best stock selections but his reasoning is superb.

I’m thinking of investing a small amount of my ISA, maybe £2,500 and seeing how he does.

I guess the argument against it is there are so many other trusts that he’s up against that have a track record and he doesn’t.

A strong argument for though is as Dice McCairn states the discount is already historically wide so that’s kind of like a bit of an insurance policy, you know, unless there’s a crisis or shocking performance it should do alright from here.

Anyone else invested here/? or have any views?


@JKStowe Your last point about the discount is pretty valid in my view. There isn’t much to lose it’s just that there are a lot of other options to invest in the this region with great trusts from Aberdeen or First State.

You’re thinking of investing a small amount though, I’d agree that with the provisio in the article about an outside event affecting the stock market there is not much to lose here.


The discount is compensating you for the extra risk of investing with a new manager. There’s no certainties in investing but this could be a classic opportunity to profit from a discount narrowing and if it doesn’t narrow it should at least perform in line with the market and hopefully beat it.




I just bought a small holding of £3k. I have a few Henderson trusts and they’re all pretty good. I think this’ll do well too and I’ll probably add to it over the next year or two.

I think he’s an interesting manager and I’m willing to take a punt on him.


He does say the right things but there again so do analysts and they’re always getting it wrong. It’s one to watch for me but I wouldn’t invest until I’ve seen at least a three year track record, not when there are plenty more options with good performance and a history to compare to.