Henderson EuroTrust’s outstanding manager is a safe pair of hands in a challenging world


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Whilst the UK media continuously talks down Europe, Henderson Euro Trust keeps finding nuggets of gold, in an area of the world where, behind the headlines, it continues to proffer long term profit. Fast Facts Named European Investment trust of the year at AIC/Investment Week awards Invests in growth orientated stocks Europe wide excluding UK…


I think he is right about the British press clouding your view of Europe. I voted remain but I realised after reading this article when I was dosing off last night that I had a poor view of Europe too. I don’t own any funds invested in Europe alone, that is pretty crazy, though i do have global funds.

EuroTrust is tempting on this discount too, think I’ll give it to myself as an early Xmas pressie instead of Chanel No. 5!


I voted to leave but you have a point there @andreacz about the press and Europe. they are a bit one sided, especially the Telegraph, which I read, as well as the Mail, Express etc.

The debt to GDP figures he quoted does surprise me, in fact, it really surprised me. Because of Italy, I always thought Europe’s debts were bigger than ours and the Americans.

The performance of EuroTrust is stellar, and just looking at some of the statistics such as the growth of the companies in his portfolio versus the Europe Index, demonstrates that this fellow knows what he’s doing.


I just bought this a few minutes ago but I almost bought the other Henderson European trust, they’ve got such similar names, easy to do. Be careful if you decide to buy this too!

The effective discount I got mine on was close to 11%, which I am well happy with considering the performance and how good a manger I’m getting for that price.

I just hope Stevenson stays in the job for a while, he looks young enough. He’s pretty interesting in the videos of him on YouTube, though it sounds like his investment ideas have changed a little bit.


Where are the videos? post a link @housedj please.

I think I’m going to get involved in this too, good news that the discount is wider today then.


The videos are here @andreacz

I just logged in to my SIPP account to buy some more of this, I bought the first tranche via the ISA, the price is up a little, not sure what the discount will work out to be but it’ll be less.

Still, I don’t suppose it matters too much if you’re planning on holding it for a decade or so.


Performance looks pretty good - but doesn’t seem to be doing that much better than my existing European funds over the longer term - Jupiter European (JEO), JP Morgan European Smaller Companies (JESC).
In the short term my other holding Ishares Euro Stoxx Select Dividend (IDVY) is also doing well, if a low cost option is important.


Jupiter European is a great trust too @scjim though it invests in the UK as well as Europe. Not I mind that, I voted remain so I’m happy for Britain to be in Europe!

I can’t bring myself to buy an ETF though. I just worry about how big they’re becoming and that they are in effect becoming the market. I invested in ETF’s a fair bit until around 2 years ago when I became worried about their size and influence. I worry they’re too much like the heard now.

I also quite like Edinburgh Partners European investment Trust.

Truth is, there are loads of really good trusts in the Europe sector but Henderson Euro Trust is one of them. The long term returns here are very impressive and I really like the fact that the manager has been there for almost quarter of a century.
It’s not simply the fact he has experience, it’s that he has obviously got not just better but good at what he does. If you look at the chart in the article that looked at his long term returns, he was an index hugger for the first few years whereas now he’s an index thrasher.


There are so many great European trusts as @casper and @scjim have highlighted, but reading this article I am more than a little bit surprised by the longevity of the good performance at Henderson Eurotrust and the longevity of Tim Stevenson’s stewardship.

I think this is something worth paying up for. I think there is something really valuable in investing in a fund which not only has a good manager but is committed for the long term. Henderson seems to have a knack of keeping good managers in place for a very long time, look at Job Curtis at City of London.

I currently only hold the same iShares Euro Stoxx Select Div ETF that @scjim holds, but for the extra piece of mind and the good performance I am switching it to Eurotrust.