Henderson European Focus Trust


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What is Henderson European Focus Trust? The trust invests in a concentrated portfolio of European equities (excluding UK) and has been managed by John Bennett since 2010. The portfolio has a bias to larger capitalised companies but it is able to invest in the equity of mid and smaller capitalised companies It’s not constrained by…


John Bennett’s video’s are always compelling. I don’t know why he doesn’t have as high a profile as some of the better known fund managers because he’s usually bang on the money.

If you haven’t watched any of these videos do so - you really won’t regret it. He explains his view on what’s happening so well and so much better that most other managers or newspaper commentators can and do.


I’m not sure I’ve seen the latest and I’m on a mobile phone right now and it’ll use up too much of my data to watch videos but I’ve been a big fan of this man and his European Focus trust for a while now. It’s my core European holding.

He is really good at explaining quite complicated macroeconomics and relating it to every day investing.


Check this one out when you’re at your hotel @alexbarr. Only 8 mins long but provides an interesting take on the Greek situation and debt…