Henderson European Focus Trust


What is Henderson European Focus Trust? The trust invests in a concentrated portfolio of European equities (excluding UK) and has been managed by John
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What??? Two entries for HEFT and nothing for HNE…?

Actually, what would be of interest is if Henderson were to provide an article discussing the relative merits (i.e. differences) of the one versus the other. Although the objective of HEFT states that it will achieve its aims by holding a focussed portfolio, as at the December factsheets it actually has more holdings than the ‘unfocussed’ HNE.


Good point @arkwelder. I bought a holding in HEFT or Henderson European Focus Trust last Autumn. When I was researching it I got a bit confused because Henderson has two European investment trusts with similar names, the other being HNE as Ark states or Henderson EuroTrust.

They are both on the buy list section on this site but it doesn’t make clear is what is different between the two.

What I discovered was that it was as a result of mergers that Henderson found itself to be the owner of two European trusts and I believe they retained both because both managers are good. It’s hard to get rid of a good manager and investment trusts are companies with independent boards themselves.

What I also discovered was that one of the two was more growth focused and the other value focused but I don’t remember which was which.