Henderson Euro Trust – Long term growth with a tidy income


European equity markets have risen strongly over the past year but they’re still cheap vis-a-vis the US & UK, or could it be those markets are ove[See the full post at: Henderson Euro Trust – Long term growth with a tidy income]


I’ve read through this and yip it sounds great. I was sold after reading this. I’ve seen some something in the Telegraph about Europe as well, and somewhere else.
Trouble is, you’ve got 3 European trusts on your buy list and they all sound great, I don’t know which one of them is the best? What one should I buy?

I’m not loaded, only wanna invest around £5-7 grand and to save on costs I’d prefer to buy just one.


Well I’ve just bought this one Buck. What convinced me was he’s been managing it for all those years with great returns.

Also I want my money to grow and if you look at the US market, that’s looking a bit too dear to me, don’t take my word for it, listen to Warren Buffet.

Some of the other European trusts look good too but this guy has been doing a bloody good job nearly two decades. Fill yer boots I say!


I bought this a few days ago too @Buck. I don’t think Europe is as cheap as it was but a good manager should find the right opportunities and Tim Stevenson is a good manager. Henderson are one of the better management groups out there, in investment trusts anyway.

@smithy101 I agree with you about investing in Europe for growth.

Henderson have 3 European trusts with petty good performance. One seems to be quite different, TR European covers smaller companies.

Might be a good idea for WhichInvestmentTrust.com to have a look at that too?

Also, European Investment trust has been getting good comments. It’s managed by Edinburgh Partners who I believe mostly run money for pension funds.


@DerekW I’ve got TR Europe and TR Property. Both have been bloody good investments for me.

F&C European Smaller companies is a good wee fund as well.

I think I’m gonna take a wee bit of this Eurotrust too.

@Buck I don’t know where you hold your shares mate but you can pay from £6 to £12.50 to trade shares these days so nothing stopping you from buying two or more.
The way I like to think of it is if you go through an IFA they charge you an upfront fee that is way more than the cost of buying shares so you’re saving already.