Help with selecting SIPP/ISA/Funds



My employer allows me to set up my own SIPP instead of using their Scottish Widows pension scheme. I’ve been told a SIPP is better but I don’t really understand very much about them.

I was wondering if someone could suggest a SIPP company to me?

Also I love suggestion on where to ivnest it. There will be regualr payments from my employer and from me.

I have a couple of old pensions which I’ve been told I can transfer (a woman from a Scottish Life call centre told me this).

I’m not sure what other information anyone might need but please ask if you need any more.

I won’t collecting my pension for many, many years yet.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



It would help to know your age, and the value of the exisiting pension plans.

Different SIPP providers charge different amounts based upon the value of your pension fund, so the more you have the better it will be from a charging perspective.



Hi @Tammy,

Though you are perfectly welcome to post your query here we have an Investor Clinic section that is a little bit more structured so that it prompts you to provide the most inportant information members need to provide you with feedback.

Good luck


yes I’d love to do the Investor Clinic route. What do I need to do to progress?

@Casper - Can I answer your points when I get to the Investor Clinic section. Thanks for your help.


Hi @Tammy - We’ll email instructions and the form across to you within a few minutes.