Help! I'd love some advice please from someone who know more than me (That's mos


My son is 9 and my daughter is 8. When they get older I’d like them to have the option of going to university without it leaving them with enormous debts. Even if they don’t got to Uni (I didn’t) I’d like them to have a little something to start them off in life.

What I want to do is invest 2 amounts of dosh and grow it. I mean invest it for growth. Not taking stupid risks but not being too safe neither.

We have £8K to invest for each of them and we want to put it in ISA’s in our names but maybe segmented and separate for them, if we can do that somehow?

Now you might think this a silly way to go about it but in my little mind separating different pots for different purposes is what works. I’ve done it for other things and I wanna do it for this.

What I’d love help and advise with is where to invest it. I mean where to invest it NOW. Markets have gone up and I’m not sure I’ve read enough or have the time to.


Hi @Buck

If you are looking at what to invest now how about looking at the most recent reviews either on this site or on Fool or Investors Chronicle.

What’s caught my eye is the following:
Schroder UK Growth trust

Henderson Euro Trust –

Baillie Gifford Japan Trust

Herald Investment Trust -

GLI Finance - There are a load of articles on this site on this one but the most comprehensive is here:

These are just trusts that have caught my eye.



Why not go for Junior ISA’s in their names, they cannot access the money until 18 and there is the advantage that the Junior ISA is then converted into a normal ISA in their name.

If the ISA is in your names then they will not get the (somewhat limited) tax benefits particularly the exemption from Capital Gains tax.

I would suggest you could be aggressive with investments as their is 10 years to compound so maybe exposure to emerging markets etc.

Scottish Mortgages

Baillie Gifford Japan