Help choosing a Global investment Trust



I want to increase my exposure to growth around the world, especially tech and healthcare, but I don’t want it to be too concentrated, and I already have a holding in Scottish Mortgage.
and (in particular) technology, but still maintaining as broad a spread as possible in terms of sectors and

What has popped up on my radar is F&C or Foreign & Colonial (Ticker FRCL) and the self managed Witan (ticker WTAN).

I own neither of these at present but they both look suitable diverse. Both worldwide, both pay a small but growing dividend, which i like, without giving me exposure to risky areas of the world such as Russia, frontier markets etc. .

I would be very grateful to get the opinion and views of people on these forums on my selection or indeed on something else you might like?


If you’re looking for technology and healthcare Scottish Mortgage is probably best for you @abduls.

F&C has become expensive this year as it celebrates its 150th anniversary, whilst Witan is a an okay performer but I’m not sure if it gives you enough tech exposure. They have got an excellent range of underlying asset management firms.

Alliance trust is another you could consider, though they have now adopted a model which is a little bit similar to Witan’s.


Bankers is a ‘plain vanilla’ international trust which is geographically well diversified, has lower fees than other majors and which currently trades at a slightly higher discount. F&C in particular has always been keen on the USA and holds a lot of private equity investments.


I have a holding in Witan that I bought after reading about it on here. So far I’m happy with it as an investment. They have a good range of underlying fund mangers, costs are pretty low, prospects look pretty good to me.

I’ve bought as a buy and hold that I expect to own for a decade if not longer.


Always a good idea to have a look at the data. This link is to the Association of Investment Trusts database filtered for global trusts. If you are not familiar with it I would suggest you take a look at (a) costs (b) discounts and © long term track records. Probably also gearing unless you believe that the good times are going to continue…


If I’m not too late, have you looked at FCS? Or MYI if you want some income and more of a value player?