Has Brexit stopped you investing in UK Trusts?


Has Brexit stopped you investing in UK Trusts

  • Yes
  • No

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it did initially but I think the UK market is cheap enough now so I’ve started buying again.


Given that many uk companies have substantial overseas revenues, why should I?


I fully intend to use my full ISA allowance next year but maybe not in April. Interesting article on the AJ Bell website regarding UK shares https://www.youinvest.co.uk/articles/investmentarticles/160928/brexit-divides-uk-stock-market. Any thoughts anyone?


The’re as cheap as chips! UK focused trusts like Perpetual Income & Growth, Edinburgh and Keystone have been bashed to hell. Rights & Issues not so much but then he holds oligopolies. But you must balance this binary outcome with global stocks. It will all be down to sterling in the end.


Yeah, good point @james_pigott I’m thinking of topping some of my UK holdings up because if we get no deal, a lot of that will be price din already (not all of it), and it looks like a reasonably good opportunity to get in cheap, maybe not at the bottom but that beyond my skill set, but very good value nonetheless.