Hargreaves listens to customers & reduces investment trust fees


Hargreaves Lansdown received a lot of criticism from client’s and the media for imposing separate fees for investment trusts in its recently announced
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I think this article may be misleading

‘The maximum platform fee of £45 means it is advantageous to hold large amounts of investments trusts, whereas open-ended funds will be subject to a charge of 0.45% up to holdings up £250,000, when it reduces as the value increases’

The 0.45% i believe is an annual management charge that is applied to all investments not just open ended funds and this charge is only made in an ISA or SIPP.

There is no annual management charge for a fund and share account outside of an ISA or SIPP.



Maybe its changed. The article is dated February which is pretty old.

It would be good if there was a table comparing the charges and terms of the various platforms for investment trusts and funds.