Happy pension awareness day!


Today is pension awareness day, an industry wide initiative to encourage debate and discussion about pensions, something which Britons know too little
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That video is daft, just bloody daft but it don’t half make you smile, haha.


It’s scary how wrong people guess their pension needs though I have to admit I got it wrong too. I’m 34 and only started my pension 18 months ago. I just didn’t understand the value I was rejecting from my employers schemes. For all the jobs I’ve had since finishing Uni the companies offered schemes where I needed to make a contribution of 3-4% but got the same or more in return from my employer.

I just saw that as my beer money and chasing girls money.

They should educate people younger. If I knew about the concept of how important time is in growing your pension wealth I may have been saving earlier. As it is I have some catching up to do.