Goldsmith family scion to launch new green energy investment trust seeking to raise up to £150m


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The new trust will invest in a small portfolio of international investments and has already secured commitments totalling £80 million from wealthy cornerstone investors. Menhaden Capital will list on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. It will invest in a concentrated portfolio of 20-25 global positions with a focus on efficient use of…


Don’t know his brother but I’m in love with Zac Goldsmith.

Impressive list of backers but where I buy this? Is there a website for this trust?

The fees are high but I kind of think that if these guys have backed it and to all intended purposes they seem to know what they’re doing and have done well with what they’ve backed up until now I’d be willing to give it a go.



How come all these new types of ITs come with such huge ripe off fees. I mean 1.25% management fee PLUS a 10% performance fee. What’s left for shareholders with that? I bet Goldsmith and co won’t be wasting their money investing this to any great extent.

I can’t believe those ‘famous’ investors are happy to stump up for this. Maybe for them it’s a good deed, charity because of its green credentials.


Zac Goldsmith is dishy, not seen his Bro, maybe he’s hot too. Good enough reason to vote Zac as Mayor huh? :smiling_imp:

@jonno - the following is from the website @arkwelder liked to:

The Menhaden Team, the Board and the Strategic Advisory Group will invest significantly upon Admission

Probably spending their riches from those high fees they’re charging!

In terms of how to invest, it looks like you can only do it by downloading a form and sending it off. doesn’t mention any platforms which is awkward and probably enough to put me off. Maybe it will be available from platforms though and they’re just not telling.


The prospectus for this offer is available on its website which you can find**here.**


Anyone considering investing in this should in the very least read the prospectus first because it in that document that you will find out all the information on risk, charges, additional costs etc that you might not find in the marketing blurb.


I just read this has launched and raised £80m.

I suspect most of this will have come form those rich individuals quoted in the article who don’t seem to mind paying mind numbingly expensive fees.