Global Infrastructure Investment Trusts


I am thinking of investing between 8-10% of my drawdown account in a well diversified global infrastructure investment trust, yielding maybe 5-6% per year.
I have looked at 3iN and seems to fit the bill, but it has high (7%) ONC.
Does anyone have any further ideas what I should be looking at ?
I would be grateful for any thoughts please.
Thank you


3i Infrastructure is probably ripe for profit-taking because it’s on 10% premium, but hey, that’s on the back of a record year just gone.

If you are a long term holder @kevdraw64 then I think it’s still a great choice, although there’s little upside to the share-price in the near-term.

I think this trust, given the great performance, deserves a premium, though, given the more immature nature of the portfolio 10% looks stretched.

Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income is a good option too, another quality manager that has delivered decent returns for investors, but looks toppy on a 12.2% premium with shares +8% over the last 2 months.


Infrastructure funds tend to have higher ONCs because they’re more expensive to manage, owning physical infrastructure is more time consuming and demands experienced staff.

3i Infrastructure is one of the best managed in the sector in my view.