GLI targets £100m P2P trust yielding 8%


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GLI Finance, a business that morphed from an investment trust in to a trading business is seeking to join the peer-to-peer bandwagon and top a year where over £1 billion of new money will have been raised by the sector. GLI (LON:GLIF) started life as Greenwich Loan Income fund, an investment company that invested in…


Does the GLI fund have a performance fee? And when is the prospectus available?

I’m considering P2P right now so it would be useful to know a bit more about this one.


There is no performance fee I’ve just had confirmed @stromer. We’re expecting more information to come across on this very soon, We’ll do a more in-depth piece on this in due course.


GLI Finance is in the buy list page on here @stromer. I’d never heard of it, this is virtually the only place that writes about it but although I don’t own any shares I’ve kept an eye on it. It pays a big dividend, owns shares on peer to peer platforms and something I like to see its boss and its management own large stakes too.

The article is quite old but worth a read if you want to understand it a bit more click here.


I would like to know more about this please @whichinvest. I read the article that @wickedinvestor found on this site but it is very old though it is also very detailed and it tells a good story as they say.

I really liked that the managers have put their own money in to it and own a of shares. Also, they have important shareholders and they own stakes in peer to peer lenders I’ve heard of.

I just don’t understand why this new investment trust is different from GLI Finance so that is why I would like more details please.


Can I be picky and say that GLIF actually started life as the T2 Income Fund…?

@wickedinvestor, @stromer, @andre, that old article ought to be largely disregarded because GLIF has completed(?) its transition from investing via CDOs and is now the holding company for several busineses, including those operating P2P platforms. It is no longer an investment company per se, and its regulatory status was changed back in March. So should it still be a ‘best buy’, @whichinvest? Perhaps a philosophical decision!

andre, the difference between the GLIF and the new trust is that the latter invest the moneis raised through P2Pp platforms, whereas GLIF will (mostly) own those platforms and be the manager of the new trust (which is via a subsidiary, I believe).


A new article on GLI Alternative is due to be published tomorrow. I haven’t read it yet but it is a more substantial piece in the upcoming IPO @andre

Maybe an update on GLIF would be useful too even though it is no longer an investment trust?

@arkwelder I believe it’s remained on the Buy list because firstly it was place there when it was still an investment trust, secondly it is still recommended. - Rob