Glasgow Celtic stock market success persuades star manager to buy Manchester United


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Tightly held Celtic were up 83% in 2017, but longterm shareholder Nick Train’s Finsbury Growth & Income just can’t enough stock to satisfy his shareholders, so he’s ventured 183 miles south from Glasgow. Nick Train, manager of Finsbury Growth & Income, an investment trust that has significantly out-performed both its peers and index since he…


I wasn’t aware Celtic were listed on the stock market. Are they on AIM?

83% up on one year is incredible but surely Manchester united cant double from here and become a $5.6 billion stock can they?


I wonder if the richer these clubs get the more pissed off with it all football fans will become. For them this is about community, identity, and heritage. If they see wealthy investors in New York making billions of $ from their club are they gonna be okay with that or might they be tempted to go off and support a truly local community club.


No I think that once you support a club you support them for life @citygirl. I think most fans care more about their team winning than the financials, though undoubtedly they are somewhat annoyed at the ever increasing ticket prices on match day and the sky high cost of Sky Sports/BT Sports.