Fundsmith to launch Smithson Global Smaller Companies investment trust


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The firm is seeking up to £250 million from investors to replicate its strategy in a different part of the market. Fundsmith, the asset management partnership founded by Terry Smith, is doing the rounds to raise interest in what will be his second investment trust offering, the Smithson Global Smaller Companies investment trust, for which…


There’s not a lot of info on this yet so it’s impossible to make a decision on it.

I wonder if the WichInvestmenttrust guys are intending to write up some research like they have done with the AVI Japan trust?

I’d be keen to know more.


here is the prospectus published today


Thanks @David_M that is very helpful.


This looks really good, I especially like the literature that come with it because it is very easy to follow and understand.

My only concern is if the Fundsmith guys are stretching themselves too thinly, but I’m prepared to trust that they’re not for now.


I’m delighted that there is a lauch of a vanilla trust. The Investment Trust sector has had too many debt and other obscure trusts recently launch, mainly to mop up banking business that is no longer viable due to high levels of capital required. As for this trust, I will await with anticipation the 3-year results, not wishing to break my golden rule of keeping out of IPOs. F&C Global Smaller is the one to beat and FEET has probably cast a shadow over Terry’s magic but I hope this can shake that off. If you want high growth over the long term then small cap is the way. If I can get to a presentation then I will update this page.