Fresh from scrapping new share issue Ranger Direct raises £14m


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Following a failed attempt at a £135 million share issue, withdrawn because of a lack of investor demand, the management have shown their ambition to grow is still there as they complete a much more modest fund raising, that if it goes through will result in a dominant institutional shareholder. Ranger Direct Lending (LON:RDL) has…


I attempted to buy this via the recent share issue that was pulled. Shame private investors weren’t offered the opportunity to invest this time with the tap issue.


I’m suspicious of these new trusts @peterb. They’re unproven in a recession whilst the management firms are skimming off huge fees in the meanwhile.

If you really depend on the income they’re promising I wouldn’t overly rely on it when we come to a downturn that always follows a boom (despite Gordon Brown’s efforts to make them illegal).