Finsbury Growth & Income keeps delivering long-term returns


Since Nick Train became manager 13 years ago, this trust has on average beaten the return of the index by 100%. How the heck does he do it? I found ou
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I had to read that Ketchup bottle quote several times. I thought it had been a spelling mistake , but, yeah, at last, I get it.

…and, erm, I love this trust.

Think I want to have his babies :slight_smile:

***Pssst, Maybe I should just settle for buying shares in his investment trust!


@CityGirl have my babies instead, I’m his double to a T :wink:

(Only kidding, I’m less than half his age with probably a quarter of his wealth).

They are seriously good returns. His style reminds me of European Investment Trust manager Dale Robertson

I think all managers should declare their shareholding, I don’t know why they don’t. If they’re going to look after my money I want to know that they’ll suffer too if they’re pants at the job.

I’ve been thinking about selling my Alliance Trust shares. I’m going to sell them and buy this.


Hey get a room you two (or is it three?).

Seriously good performance from a quality manager.

From what I can tell he does it by keeping things simple. Buying simple companies of the sort we all know and holding them forever.

As for Irn Bru, I love their adverts, not sure I love the drink.

I like Tizer and Rubicon which they also do though.