Finding Bargains After the Sell off


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As last week’s gyrations show, financial markets remain volatile. The good news is that, we’re short on evidence of a more pronounced global economic slowdown, which means that the recent selling looks overdone. And that could mean some bargains are emerging, though most developed equity markets are still far from cheap. We would highlight Japanese…


Hugh Young (Aberdeen) this week said that it may even be time to buy into the Far East, but only just, which for him was quite a signal. He also said that QE had failed. Failed to stimulate growth and only succeeded in stoking asset prices. Banks should be happy though!
All the while we are being taken off the drip there is going to be dramatic volatility, especially as others are still on the drip. It is time to be a good stock-picker and ignore the noise.
Who can believe any figures from China?! Still, whatever their real figures are, I bet they are growing faster than us…
I think oil has possibly found a bottom now and let’s hope that investors realise this should actually be a plus for most countries and business, especially Europe, India and Japan.


That’s reassuring @james_pigott , I’ve bought back in to Asia, but since I did I’ve been doubting my move.

The thing is Asia and the Emerging markets are cheap right now, it’s just not clear if they’re become cheaper.

I’m not as clever as those city whiz kids, I just can’t time investing right so I invested on the basis that on a maybe 3-5 year time horizon I wouldn’t lose out, even if I might love a little in the short term.


@ronmac, you have a style not too dissimilar to James Henderson so I wouldn’t worry! If you are in early you can at least claim ALL of the upside. Interestingly the Far East, Latam, EM and other sectors that were bashed last year have suffered far less than DM sectors this year. This could simply be because the dollar may not continue to strengthen as “everyone” said. If US comes off the boil then FE etc. will look like great value. IMHO!