European Investment Trust Masterclass with Dale Robertson


Yesterday we profiled Dale Robertson, and his European Investment Trust. Today he explains his process for choosing stocks and profiles a stock he’s i
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PostNL looks good if they can sell TNT.

What he says about selling emotionally is so true but its also so hard to do. I’ve sold emotionally, not just shares but funds and trusts as well.

We all do it but we dont have a team of fund managers to stop us.


I think this is something we all find hard @Lukas but yeah you’re right we can all sell emotionally.

I work in the city and invest via an investment club. We’ve sold stuff because of short term crisis worries.

I wasn’t really familiar with Dale Robertson but you can’t dispute his performance and his advice her should be read by all investors.


I no longer invest in equities directly, I prefer funds and investment trusts.

I am very recently semi retired and have more time to devote to investing but European Investment Trust had escaped my attention. To investors such am I it certainly has appeal.

I am enamored with its performance and that of the open ended equivalent illustrated on the other article.

Good piece of research.


That is a mental system to stop managers from selling. I have a system that I enforce rigorously too. I sell and then regret it for years when the price does the opposite from what I wanted!

It works every time in that I always regret it!

No seriously, tough regime there.

Makes the job sound really boring. Thank goodness it produces such great results.