Essay: Finance as a force of Good


Tomorrow’s Finance, the city body created to challenge city practitioners to do better and to better represent and contribute to society, invited Kath
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Fine words Mrs Garrett-Cox and I don’t doubt that you mean them and that you are putting them in to action at Alliance Trust but whe I live in the North West of England we see all this wealth in London after they almost bankrupted the lot of us with their corrupt practices.

I have seen very little evidence of reform either here or in America. In fact it looks like we’re getting back to normal with all the big bonuses the bankers are paying themselves.

I hope you deliver what you promised but though I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt I think we would all be better off with less of an albatross of a financial sector and not more.


I agree with @jonno, the banks and much of the financial service industry pisses me off to be blunt. That’s why you are striking a cord with this but I just hope you mean it and Alliance Trust makes a real effort to try and change things a lot.

Maybe you should communicate this a bit clearer through Alliance Trust Kathering and more people would use you.

I looked at the Tomorrow City website, it looks like they’re doing great things and have great ideas, published loads of papers, and Gervais Williams is involved too but what are they doing to promote what they do with the investing public? because not only have I never heard of them, I don’t know of anyone who has.

Maybe it would be a good idea if you covered this a bit more on here too Whichinvestmentrust?


The £65 billion in tax you say the financial services industry pays Katherine is only on deposit, they’ll be calling upon it in a year or two to be bailed out again.

I defo share the cynicism of @jonno and @Lukas but at the same time I think what you are doing at Alliance Trust is great and I ope you succeed with it.