Edison is keen to democratise research by making it available to all


Launched over a decade ago, Edison were early movers in challenging a research model that was no longer working and now they want to share their resea
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What would be useful to see in their research are the levels of revenue reserve in the ITs mentioned. More-so for those trusts which have an income mandate rather than growth. This might not be of relevance to investors whose objective is total return, but it should be of interest to those who are investing for the income. Especially if a history is provided of how it has been changing over the years… (I still don’t ask for much…!).

But in all, a development to be welcomed, and which should be of benefit to the investing public.


Yes I agree with that @arkwelder. I look through the annual report because it’s not easy to find somewhere else.

Maybe @dicem could add this to the bottom of the little table you do in some of your articles?



Sure, sounds like a good idea @citygirl, and I’ll both your and @arkwelder’s comments on to Edison.


I think Edison research would be a useful addition to this site and perhaps even a companion to your own research pieces, given that the Edison output is much detailed and reads like a report rather than an article found on here or on sites like Citywire etc.

I think the point the chap makes in this article about there being bias in all research correct. Ultimately, assumptions need to be made based upon a subjective number of different criteria, it is here where you may find bias.

Investing is more of an art than a science, and I think the fact that the court of public option is too important to an outfit like Edison for them to allow their brand to be tarnished by sloppy or corrupt pieces of work, is an obvious check and balance.




I broadly agree with you @pauls. I haven’t really looked at Edison research though I will. I think what is important is that you know where the bias might lie, you need to know how they get paid but if the research is detailed enough you should able to come to your own opinion.

It’s like some of those outrageous headlines in the Daily Mail are often proved wrong by the text of the very article below the headline if you can be bothered to read it all.

I look forward to seeing some of this research.